All Indian nationals who come to Malawi for employment purpose on Work Permit/TEP/Project visa are requested to kindly register their full details with the High Commission, initially through the website link:
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Human Resource Development:

India is assisting Malawi in the field of capacity building through its ITEC programme and ICCR scholarships. The ITEC slots started as 10 in 2007-08 was increased to 60 in 2012-13. 50 slots were utilized by Malawi in 2012-13. From 2007-08 to 2012-13, over 200 Malawians have availed of ITEC civilian training programme in India. Malawi is also utilizing the 10 ICCR slots for long term courses. In addition, Malawi is utilizing the training programmes conducted under IAFS and special agricultural scholarships, CV Raman fellowships etc. Opening of mission in Lilongwe has increased the participation of candidates from Malawi.

Indian Community/PIO:

There are about 7000 Persons of Indian origin in Malawi. The number of Indian nationals is about 2000 and are mainly engaged in trading, agriculture & agro business and Pharmaceutical retail business, besides a few professionals. The members of the Indian community arrived in Malawi mainly from Gujarat. They are mainly concentrated in important cities such as Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.