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Indian High Commission celebrates ITEC Day

     High Commission of India, Lilongwe celebrated the Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day in Lilongwe on 16thSeptember, 2016 at the High Commission.  The event was attended by over 150 ITEC Alumini who successfully completed their training programme in India.

2.    Hon’ble Mr. George Mkondiwa, Chief Secretary to the Government of Malawi was the Guest of Honour at the event. Addressing the ITEC Alumini and other   distinguished guests at the ITEC Day, he conveyed Government of Malawi’s happiness at the successful conduct of the training programme and thanked Government of India, for contributing in the human resource development of the Malawian Government officials. He also recalled the various Line of Credit projects   financed by the Government of India in Malawi. He referred to the   inauguration of the Salima Sugar Factory in August 2016 built at a cost of US$33.5 mn, the upcoming three Fuel Storage Plants which will act as a strategic reserve of petrol and diesel  for Malawi and the proposed Blantyre Water project being financed by a Indian Line of Credit of US$23.5 mn.  

3.    Mr Suresh Kumar Menon, High Commissioner of India to Malawi in his opening remarks, conveyed that in the last 5 years, nearly 400 Malawians have obtained training in India. In the year 2016-17,   eighty training slots have been offered to Malawi and he was confident that all this will be utilized. In the first five months, 33 Malawians have availed of the training facility in India.  He mentioned on an average six Malawians go to India on training programme every month. The assembled guests were informed, the travel budget alone for Malawian nationals this year for ITEC training is approx., Kw.65 million. Government of India is willing to consider enhancement of these training slots and arrange special training programmes, if requests are received at the High Commission.

4.    At the event few ITEC Alumina also shared their experiences in India and how they have benefitted from the training programme after their return to Malawi.

5.    The ITEC programme was launched on 15 September, 1964 and is an effort by the Government of India to train government officials from friendly governments in over 300 different training modules, at premium training institutes in India. The entire cost of the journey from Malawi to India and back, training and living cost is funded by the Government of India including payment of a modest living allowance to the trainee while in India. Trainees are also taken on a tour of places of tourist interest during as a part of the study tour.


17 September, 2016