All Indian nationals who come to Malawi for employment purpose on Work Permit/TEP/Project visa are requested to kindly register their full details with the High Commission, initially through the website link:
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     Any Indian national staying abroad whether for employment, education or otherwise is entitled to be registered as overseas voter/elector. The NRI voters can register online at portal of Election Commission of India.  The form 6A in PDF form is also available at the link given at the bottom.  The person would go to>National Voters Service Portal>apply online for registration of overseas voter>fill in personal particulars, passport details, and visa details, give description of absence from India, full residential address, upload supporting documents viz. copy of passport, visa, and colour photo, enter place and date of submission, and click submission button.  After submitting the application onwline, the person should send the signed copy of the form 6A, and self attested copies of the requisite documents to the relevant Electoral Registration Officer.   After verifying the details of the overseas voter/elector, the communication would be sent to the person at his/her given overseas address confirming the approval or otherwise of his station as voter.  After enrollment as overseas (NRI) elector, the person would be allowed to cast his vote in person in an election in the specific constituency on production of his passport and verifying his name in "overseas voters list".

     As and when there is any change in the address of the voter/elector in the country of residence, he would intimate the Election Commission.  He/she also inform the Election Commission when he/she returns to India to stay as ordinary resident of India for making change in his status as voter/elector........(please click the link given below).